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Ectoparasitic Arthropod Parasites and Vector-borne Infections
This practical presents wingless arthropod ectoparasites of domestic animals, including a range of biting and chewing lice (Damalinia spp, Trichodectes canis), blood sucking lice like Haematopinus spp. and Linognathus vituli, fleas from cats, dogs and humans, and a range of arachnids (Order Acari or Acarina), including skin dwelling sarcoptiform mites (mange mites) and ticks (specialized blood sucking mites).
The mange mites are identified by their shape and size of the body, length of their legs and presence of suckers. The hard ticks (Ixodidae) are represented by Ixodes ricinus, the only tick commonly found outdoor in DK and Rhipicephalus sanguinus, only found in kennels in DK.
Ticks are identified by shape of capitulum and mouthparts and other structures. Examples of relevant vector-borne infections are demonstrated by Anaplasma marginale and Eperythrozoon spp. in blood smears from cattle and pigs, respectively.

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